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June 16 2017


Mobdro for ios:

Mobdro is the app which is available in all versions for the devices and it is the best database for viewing and storing personal movies, serials, events, videos, channels and sports. The app is easily available for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. The main advantage of the app is that it allows the user to watch the internet based entertainment media content without even signing up for the app. But for the iOS users, the application is called as MovieTime++ or MovieBox and mobdro for iphone these are available officially on the App Store. The premium version of the app is available at cost of $0.99. the main features of the app are

1.Mobdro is a smart movie organiser and based on the internet, the app will automatically determine the quality of the movie.

2.Allows to keep the movies in the favourite list and can share them with friends via facebook, twitter and some other social networks to let you know what you are watching.

3.If you are interested in only watching TV shows, we can go to TV shows in the navigation of the app and there you can find the list of the episodes. And you can download the shows also.

4.Provides music videos in which music is sorted in the titles of album or artist.

5.Allows to make a movie collection and can watch them later.

6.Turbo mode is provided to download the videos faster.

7.Supports Chromecast and KODI software.

8.Allows searching the movies by sorting them according to rating, title, date and genre of the movie.

Download of Mobdro for ios:

1.Firstly download vShare app store on an iOS device from the official website: www.vshare.com.

2.Then two options will ask. Download for Unjailbreak or jailbreak, choose the correct option.

3.Now click on install and again choose on install which pop-ups for the confirmation.

4.Now go home after the installation of the vShare app.

5.Open the app and type "Movie Box" in the search box.

6.Now tap on it and install it.

7.After few seconds, the app gets downloaded and we can use the Movie Box app which is an iOS version of Mobdro.

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